Our Story

Hi, I'm Britt - 
Founder & Designer of TEE Jewelry

Jewelry and fashion have always been a huge love of mine since I was a small child. As a child, I can remember begging my mother to let me wear her jewelry, faux fur scarves and high heel shoes around the house. My mother was a very chic and charming woman who had exquisite taste and a keen eye for fashion. So after begging (most of the time) she would give me a pair of her black pumps, a scarf of some sort and a pair of bright colored clip on earrings (a bit out of style now) – but, nonetheless, I would walk around thinking I was glamourous.

As I have gotten older, I have found jewelry to be an outlet of expression – a way to tell my story and add a little sparkle to any outfit. Today, anyone who knows me – knows I will often be seen with 5-10 pieces layered on my wrists and neck at all times.

My passion for design came in 2009, when I crafted a bracelet to wear for myself. I never fathomed making them for other people – I just needed an outlet to design things the way I pictured them. Fate had a different plan. Within a week I was stopped in an elevator by two sweet women who asked where my bracelet came from. After handing them my number, a week later I received a call and made my first sale. Several sales and a few boutiques later – my business was in full force and was truly a dream come true.

From 2011 - 2014, I had to put this love of mine on hold as I attended Law School. Through those three years, I have longed for the moment to be able to follow this passion of mine again. Now that I have graduated and that chapter is complete, I am back to designing pieces that I am confident you will love.